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Grant Wallace Band is a trio of composer-performers weaving a diaphanous sound from threads of new music, modern jazz, and old-time folk styles. Composing through a uniquely collaborative process, Chris Fisher-Lochhead (viola), Ben Hjertmann (voice/mandolin), and Luke Gullickson (piano/guitar) also draw inspiration from outsider artists including the band’s namesake.

GWB's recent projects include Fo'c's'le, a maritime mini-musical created with members of Ensemble Dal Niente. In 2015 the band released an EP, Four Songs, and their long-gestating debut LP, Axle of the World (with Rabbit)They are currently working on a song cycle in collaboration with Houston Grand Opera.

"spidery original bluegrass songs, featuring ambiguous harmonies and high-lonesome yelps." — Steve Smith, New York Times

"If Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt had gone on a triple-date with John Fahey, Dock Boggs and Bill Monroe to an Anton Webern concert, you'd be somewhere in the neighborhood of Grant Wallace Band. We love the weird, rhythmically complex landscape of proto-bluegrass composers Chris Fisher-Lochhead, Ben Hjertmann and Luke Gullickson have created." — Doyle Armbrust, Time Out Chicago

"The music of Axle cogently balances each musician's compositional ideas with a collective vision...There is a gentleness to the complexity." — Will Robin,

"In its songs the Grant Wallace Band looks at life with a gimlet eye. Their slightly off-center harmonies and minor keys hinted that simple pleasure like biking to a bridge or watching plums fall into a box may not be as innocent as they seem. Amid such company, even sunny Hollywood Technicolor seemed faintly sinister." — Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Classical Review

"Ben Hjertmann’s light, rosy tenor fuses appealingly with Luke Gullickson’s piano lines and Chris Fisher-Lochhead’s viola. The skeletal hybrid has just a whiff of some of the folk-oriented vocals popularized decades ago like the Kingston Trio or the Limelighters, but with subtle harmonic stings, especially from Fisher-Lochhead’s wiry viola, that remind you it’s 50 years later." — Bruce Hodges, Seen and Heard International

"Grant Wallace Band weaves poetic, melancholy folk…masterful compositions." — Local Loop Chicago


For booking, please write: grantwallaceband (AT) gmail (DOT) com