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 Chris Fisher-Lochhead (viola/banjo) • Ben Hjertmann (voice/mandolin) • Luke Gullickson (piano/guitar)

"If Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt had gone on a triple-date with John Fahey, Dock Boggs and Bill Monroe to an Anton Webern concert, you'd be somewhere in the neighborhood of Grant Wallace Band." — Doyle Armbrust, Time Out Chicago

"spidery original bluegrass songs, featuring ambiguous harmonies and high-lonesome yelps." — Steve Smith, New York Times

"The music of Axle cogently balances each musician's compositional ideas with a collective vision...There is a gentleness to the complexity." — Will Robin,

"In its songs the Grant Wallace Band looks at life with a gimlet eye. Their slightly off-center harmonies and minor keys hinted that simple pleasures like biking to a bridge or watching plums fall into a box may not be as innocent as they seem. Amid such company, even sunny Hollywood Technicolor seemed faintly sinister." — Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Classical Review

"Ben Hjertmann’s light, rosy tenor fuses appealingly with Luke Gullickson’s piano lines and Chris Fisher-Lochhead’s viola. The skeletal hybrid has just a whiff of some of the folk-oriented vocals popularized decades ago like the Kingston Trio or the Limelighters, but with subtle harmonic stings, especially from Fisher-Lochhead’s wiry viola, that remind you it’s 50 years later." — Bruce Hodges, Seen and Heard International

"Grant Wallace Band weaves poetic, melancholy folk…masterful compositions." — Local Loop Chicago

For booking, please write: grantwallaceband (AT) gmail (DOT) com