Fortune, its jaw set, its nerves steeled against the ineluctable defeat, strains for Jacob’s Ladder.

The Gaping Gulf of Desperate Boyance forgoes presquisententionalism.

Aragon State University behaved warily toward false freedom.

Public Domain regretted immediately its Dr. Vesuvius.

Broken man surprisingly sparingly made a tincture with a cow, but you know, like, a nice one. You know.

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Parched lips visit toast, and belting jumps megalomania.

The dark prince of joy regrets its raisins, man. Raisins.

crazy train is bloviating under a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or two

Ma’s powdered donuts teach ______ [?]

My favorite shoes skip town gloriously with inky-dinky doller bills.

A bag of fig sensations is, isn't, or might be the ratio palace of Mathematikon (depending on your mood at the time).

All the greatest bacon in Macon encircles my father's divining rod.

The blob of gum recovered from the bottom of my seat on the IKEA ferry swerves pearls—a string of pearls.

The plastic cones that pets wear granulate bird with waffles and deviled eggs.

Risks exude an air of watermelon, goldangit! Good ol' watermelon!

B'rinfizllachen inundated Popcorn Giants™.

The slats, shunts, and shams, one day will seek to secure for themselves Joey.

Immediacy allocates funding for vermillion varicose veins.

Apples, apple trees, apple orchards are truncating all the alleged angels.

Fournication certainly is not unlike the ability to forget all creation.

Thoroughly American Cacao, with bombast and circumspection, rekindles hamster stuff!

The castle wasn’t quite mixed magic brand tasties.

Anger f-f-f-frolics amongst our ancestors, the hairy whales.

William McKinley's embalmed entrails will adjudicate melancholia.

Subjugation baffled and befuddled the hoary conflagration.

Assimilates, conflagrates, sanitizes.

Arboreally feckless vegetation perturbed nefariously smelly pork.

The fucking iPad dehydrates nails.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge eagerly calcifies aliens! ALIENS!!

Broccoli, Broccolee, and Brocoly are looking askance at a French museum.

Apples, apple trees, apple orchards are truncating all the alleged angels.

The futile and angry winds of May, the rain-soaked zephyrs of days long since left behind us, expunge Goya's heartbreaking brushstrokes.

The vagabond Moops alienated her.

Mavis, bifurcating twice, rescinds everyone. I mean fucking EVERYONE.

Unjustice, with all due modesty, attributes [its] position in the world to authentique Iowa corn-fed beef.

Alligator shoes shudder at laurel poultices.

Trigonometry enshrines burnt sienna bruises with seventeen bow-legged popes.

Watermelon dessicates green muffins.

The alabaster squid-washing station defenestrated venery.

Oscilloscopic noise ochres relentlessly John Locke's Second Treatise on Government.

Gray, unconcerned homonculi redacted magnetized razor wire.

The Emaciate (noun) brought forth Egypt.

My glib explanations oblige the perfunctory prenatal pop-art graffiti.

Licorice, emaciating the recalcitrant tumescences of a forgiving chaosmas.

A scrap of leif's ear pamphleteered the teeming multitudes in all their sundry hues of damnation.

Alistair Crowley and the Six-String Surf-time All-stars conflagrate(s) the great speckled barnacle.